About STF

STF is the reference implementation. Written in Perl, it serves billions of objects on commodity servers

github https://github.com/stf-storage/stf
This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under The Artistic License 2.0 (GPL Compatible).

STF::Dispatcher::PSGI implements the STF interface. While the protocol is mainly simple HTTP, there are a few things you need to parse from the HTTP requests. They are simple enough, but annoying to have to reimplement every time you want to create a new STF server or a dummy STF server for testing. This module abstracts that part away.

It also comes with STF::Dispatcher::Test, which does the basic interface testing.

github https://github.com/stf-storage/stf-dispatcher-psgi
CPAN STF-Dispatcher-PSGI

stf-on-dotcloud is an experimental setup to run STF on dotCloud platform.

github https://github.com/stf-storage/stf-on-dotcloud

Net::STF::Client implements the client side of STF. Built upon Furl::HTTP, it gives you a fast and easy way to access your STF servers

github https://github.com/stf-storage/net-stf-client
CPAN Net-STF-Client